Have a wonderful summer! Read all about end of the year happenings!

Have a Great Summer!  We'll be in touch!

Check out amazing photos from school HERE! Dear Parents, A phenomenal year has come to a close. Every student made great strides in his/her education this year. Our students have mastered mathematical concept, problem solving skills, reading comprehension skills, expanded their vocabulary, used the scientific method to make scientific discoveries in our science laboratory, mastered […]

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Graduations, Class Trips, Thank Yous, Summer is coming! Parshas Shelach

Mazal Tov!

Dear Parents and Students, Although we are nearing the end of the school year, we are still fully engaged in our educational process. During the past week, we had three wonderful educational school trips. On Monday the fourth grade students went to Fernbrook Farms in Chesterfield Township. There they had a guided tour into the […]

Shavuous, Health Awareness, Graduations are coming up!

eat and live healthy!

Dear Parents, Three thousand three hundred and twenty six years ago, we received something very precious.  To this day, we continue to celebrate the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai.  The Torah has been a guidebook for the Jewish nation that has kept us and our beliefs intact – through many crisis’s.  At Shalom […]

Grandparents Day, Special Trips and Events, upcoming Shavuous, and More!

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Click here for terrific photos of Grandparents/Special Friend Day! Dear Parents and Friends, Our Grandparent’s Day celebration was most delightful.  All students of grades Kiddie College through fourth performed with poise and grace as they sang their songs.  The theme of the event was “Middos”, good character traits.  At the “standing room only” program, each […]

Please note: The first day of school is on Tues, September 2nd for Grades K-8, Orientation for preschoolers is at 10am. We can't wait to see you!!